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  • 5W LED Light Bulb A55Our 5W LED light bulb A55 which is a perfect replacement for 25W incandescent bulb is dimmable with the dimming ranging from 0% to 100%. It adopts a triac dimmer and has no flicker or buzz. Our environmental product which is free from mercury or any other hazardous substances generates neither UV nor IR light radiation. In addition, the durable light bulb still has 70% lumens maintenance even after ...
  • 5W LED Light Bulb G605W LED light bulb G60 with CE and RoHS approval, is a 60mm pear shape dimmable bulb which adopts one 4.1W Mini Zenigata power LED. It comes with long lifespan and can still provide 70% limens maintenance even after having been used for up to 40,000 hours. Being free from mercury or other inorganics, our electrically insulated product is secure to use and has no damage to the environment.
  • 4W C1 LED Chandelier BulbWith one 3.6W Mini Zenigata power LED, our environmental 4W C1 LED chandelier bulb features long life span up to 40, 000 hours. In addition to the small and aesthetic appearance, it comes with excellent heat dispersion by adopting aluminum heat sink. Above all, our product offers homogeneous illumination which is really good for your eyes. Besides, neither UV nor IR radiation will be generated.
  • 5W C2 Dimmable Chandelier LED BulbWith CE and RoHS certified, our qualified environmental 5W C2 dimmable chandelier LED bulb can instantly provide 100% brightness without generating UV or IR radiation. It adopts 4.1W Mini Zenigata LED to offer long life span up to 40,000hours. Our energy efficient product provides high luminous efficacy reaching 60lm per watt for cool white color with low power consumption no more than 4W.
  • 7W GLS LED Bulb Light A60Our environmental 7W GLS LED bulb light A60 with CE and RoHS approval, is free from mercury or any other hazardous substances and generates no UV or IR radiation. It adopts one piece 6.1W sharp power LED to provide a long service time up to 40,000hours. Compared to incandescent bulbs, it saves more than 80% energy.
  • 11W GLS 800 Lumen LED Bulb Light A65Our energy saving 11W GLS 800 lumen LED bulb light A65 adopts 8.9W mini Zenigata sharp power LED to provide homogeneous and high-intensity lighting as well as long service time no less than 40,000 hours. Its maximum lighting efficiency reaches to 60lm per watt for white color. In addition, for meeting the CE and RoHS standards, our environmental product generates no UV or IR radiation. So it is secure to use.

Our LED light bulb which is a semiconductor device that can change the electrical energy into visible light, comes with durability and service life up to 50,000 hours. It is an energy saving bulb with high working efficiency, which is really suitable for long term or large-scale use. Under the same power, it creates light intensity 5 times more than filament lamp does. In addition, our product can be operated under multi alternating voltage and features lower surface temperature. Plus not containing mercury or any other hazardous substance, it is safe and convenient to be installed or used. The rays make your eyes more comfortable. Moreover, our LED features short response time and no damage will be caused by the frequent switching. With color rendering index more than 80 and large beam angle, it is applicable for large area illumination. Our LED light bulb is widely applicable for indoor and outdoor lighting.

Rendering Index(Ra)>80 & R9=12
Temperature RangeAmbient: -20℃ to 40℃;
Surface of Lamp: 40℃ to 50℃
Humidity Range0 to 95% non-condensing humidity
Mini. Order50pcs/item
ValidityTen(10)days from the date of the quotation
PaymentT/T in advance or 30% deposit, and the balance 70% will be settled before the shipment.
Delivery5-10 workdays after receiving formal order and deposit;
7-15 days will be for the quantity more than 1000pcs/item.
Packing1pcs/white box, then standard neutral carton package.

We provide full time service like well-trained and skilled personnel are standby to response your inquiry with English. Apart from the OEM and ODM service, customized service is also provided. Distributorship is offered for your unique design and some our current models. Furthermore, we will keep all your private information in secret.

The item under factory standard warranty can be offered in any shape, size, color or brightness as you like. And the price is much more flexible according to the quantity you need. All the offers are EXW prices with the CE and RoHS costs included.
Finally, the pictures and technical parameters are for reference only, please prevail in kind.

Warnings & cautions
Be sure not to touch the outside covering when the lamp is working. Besides, the product should be used in the ventilation area and avoid water.

NormingLighting is an experienced LED light bulb manufacturer in China. We provide a wide range of products, including commercial LED downlight, LED spotlight, commercial LED track light and more.

Other Products
  • GU10 5W COB LED SpotlightGU10 5W COB LED spotlight which is halogen lamp like in appearance adopts 4.1W Sharp high power LED to provide an absolutely energy saving illumination solution with power saving up to 80%. It adopts aluminum heat sink to provide excellent heat dissipation, and the thermal performance has been increased by 50%, thus ensuring long life span. In addition, it is dimmable with the dimming ranging from 0 to 100%.
  • MR16 5W COB LED SpotlightMR16 5W COB LED spotlight adopts one piece 4.1W mini Zenigata power LED to provide homogeneous and well defined illumination for more than 40, 000 hours. It is equipped with an exclusive optics reflector and comes with 36 degree beam angle. In addition to the fashionable appearance, the aluminum and thermal radiation coating enables it to come with superior heat dissipation.