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Our environmental 7W GLS LED bulb light A60 with CE and RoHS approval, is free from mercury or any other hazardous substances and generates no UV or IR radiation. It adopts one piece 6.1W sharp power LED to provide a long service time up to 40,000hours. Compared to incandescent bulbs, it saves more than 80% energy. In addition to the new optical PC cover which is hard to break, polymer heat sink is employed for excellent heat dissipation. Moreover, our product is compatible with the worldwide electrical system and works smoothly at 110v or 220v AC. Due to the excellent performance above, our 7W LED light bulb is a perfect replacement for 50W incandescent bulb. As well, the product comes with 2-year warranty.

LED Light Bulb Product Code Voltage
7W GLS Bulb A60 NL7-BLA60W0190-260750000400822700 60 114 135 NO
NL7-BLA60C0190-260750000500785000 NO
NL7-BLA60W01-D110/220750000430832700 YES
NL7-BLA60C01-D110/220750000506785000 YES
Item7W GLS LED Bulb Light A60
Temperature RangeAmbient:-20℃ to 40℃
Surface of Lamp:40℃ to 50℃
Humidity Range0 to 95% non-condensing humidity
Heat SinkAluminum thermal radiation coating
PackageBlister white carton
Power Consumption≤7W
Power Factor≥0.5

7W GLS LED bulb light A60 is extremely suitable for illumination and decoration. It is commonly found in the place like drinking bars, hotels, restaurant, art halls, offices and many others.

7W Led bulb=50W Incandescent BulbApplication PicturePacking Picture
7WVS 50W

(Carton A)
Dim: 6.7cm×6.7cm×13cm
Weight: 175g

(Carton B)
contains 50 carton A
Dim: 36cm×36cm×28.5cm
Weight: 9.1kg

(Carton C)
Dimension and weight vary depending on total quantity ordered

Products DimensionProducts Anatomy Figure
Base type: E26/E27 /B22

Fire Rating: 94V-0
Constant Current: ±3%
PC cover
Aluminum + Thermal Radiation Coating

Absolute Maximum Rating
Aluminum Heat Sink Temperature73
Storage Temperature-40 ~ +80
Operating Temperature-20 ~ +40
Equilibrium Temperature64
Light Source Test
7W E27 2700K Non-dimmable7W E27 5000K Non-dimmable
7W E27 2700K Dimmable7W E27 5000K Dimmable

As a China-based 7W GLS LED bulb light manufacturer, our company offers a broad range of products that includes GU10 5W COB LED spotlight, 8W GU5.3 LED reflector spotlight, commercial LED downlight and more.

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