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5W LED light bulb G60 with CE and RoHS approval, is a 60mm pear shape dimmable bulb which adopts one 4.1W Mini Zenigata power LED. It comes with long lifespan and can still provide 70% limens maintenance even after having been used for up to 40,000 hours. Being free from mercury or other inorganics, our electrically insulated product is secure to use and has no damage to the environment. In addition, neither UV nor IR light radiation will be generated. And the adoption of machined aluminum heat fins enables it to come with superior heat efficiency. Anyway, our product with power factor no less than 0.5 is an ideal substitute for 35W incandescent bulb. Also, it can operate with worldwide lighting systems 110V or 220V AC. White blister carton is applied. And optical grade glass lens are available.

LED Light Bulb Product Code Voltage
CRI CCT (K) Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Weight(g) Dimmable
5W Bulb G60 NL5-BLG60W01-S 90-260 550000240842700 60 125 96 NO
NL5-BLG60C01-S 90-260 550000285865000 NO
NL5-BLG60W01-S-D 110/220 550000220842700 YES
NL5-BLG60C01-S-D 110/220 550000240865000YES

5W LED light bulb G60 is widely suitable for illumination and decoration in places such as drinking bars, hotels, chambers, restaurants, art halls, offices, reading rooms, etc.

5W Led bulb=35W Incandescent BulbApplication PicturePacking Picture
5WVS 35W

(Carton A)
Dim: 7.1cm×7.1cm×15.7cm
Weight: 114g

(Carton B)
Contains 20 carton A
Dim: 37cm×30cm×18cm
Weight: 2.7kg

(Carton C)
Dimension and weight vary depending on total quantity ordered

Products DimensionProducts Anatomy Figure
Base type: E26/E27 /E14/B22

Fire Rating: 94V-0
Constant Current: ±3%
Exclusive LED Lens

Absolute Maximum Rating
Aluminum Heat Sink Temperature73
Storage Temperature-40~ +80
Operating Temperature-20 ~ +40
Equilibrium Temperature64
Lamp SortLuminous EfficiencyLifetimeCCTVoltageStart TimeSurface TemperatureDimmableCRI
Incandescent Bulb15lm/w1000h2000/3000KAC220V>0.5 s170~550℃Yes95-99
CFL45lm/w5000h2700/6500KAC220V>1 minute>70℃No70-90
LED Bulb60lm/w>40000h2700/3000k5000/6500kAC90~260V040℃~50℃Yes84~86
Light Source Test
5W E27 2700K Non-dimmable5W E27 5000K Non-dimmable
5W E27 2700K Dimmable5W E27 5000K Dimmable

NormingLighting is an experienced 5W LED light bulb manufacturer in China. We provide various types of products such as commercial LED downlight, 8W GU5.3 LED reflector spotlight, and commercial LED track light.

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