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Indoor LED Lighting Product Manufacturer

Norming Lighting Company Ltd. is an LED light manufacturer in China. Since our establishment in 2006, we have specialized in the development, production, and marketing of high power indoor LED lighting products, including our LED light bulb, LED spotlight, LED downlight, LED track light, and more. Our LED lighting products are intelligently engineered to save energy and promote environmental friendliness.
    1. 5W LED Light Bulb G60
    2. 5W LED Light Bulb G605W LED light bulb G60 with CE and RoHS approval, is a 60mm pear shape dimmable bulb which adopts one 4.1W Mini Zenigata power LED. It comes with long lifespan and can still provide 70% limens maintenance even after having been used for up to 40,000 hours.
    1. 5W C2 Dimmable Chandelier LED Bulb
    2. 5W C2 Dimmable Chandelier LED BulbWith CE and RoHS certified, our qualified environmental 5W C2 dimmable chandelier LED bulb can instantly provide 100% brightness without generating UV or IR radiation. It adopts 4.1W Mini Zenigata LED to offer long life span up to 40,000hours. Our energy efficient product provides ...
    1. 7W GLS LED Bulb Light A60
    2. 7W GLS LED Bulb Light A60Our environmental 7W GLS LED bulb light A60 with CE and RoHS approval, is free from mercury or any other hazardous substances and generates no UV or IR radiation. It adopts one piece 6.1W sharp power LED to provide a long service time up to 40,000hours.
    1. GU10 5W COB LED Spotlight
    2. GU10 5W COB LED SpotlightGU10 5W COB LED spotlight which is halogen lamp like in appearance adopts 4.1W Sharp high power LED to provide an absolutely energy saving illumination solution with power saving up to 80%. It adopts aluminum heat sink to provide excellent heat dissipation ...
    1. MR16 5W COB LED Spotlight
    2. MR16 5W COB LED SpotlightMR16 5W COB LED spotlight adopts one piece 4.1W mini Zenigata power LED to provide homogeneous and well defined illumination for more than 40, 000 hours. It is equipped with an exclusive optics reflector and comes with 36 degree beam angle. In addition to the fashionable ...
    1. 8W GU10 LED Reflector Spotlight
    2. 8W GU10 LED Reflector Spotlight8W GU10 LED reflector spotlight which adopts one piece 6.1W mini Zenigata LED is suitable for various electronic transformers and works well at AC110 or 220V lighting systems. With CRI of 82 and R9 equals to 12, it offers high brightness. Our product comes with 36 degree ....
    1. 8W GU5.3 LED Reflector Spotlight
    2. 8W GU5.3 LED Reflector SpotlightWith CE and RoHS approval, our environmental 8W GU5.3 LED reflector spotlight does not contain mercury or any other hazardous substances. And neither UV nor IR radiation will be generated. In addition, our product is equipped with the reverse polarity protection performance ...
    1. AR111 10W LED Spot Light
    2. AR111 10W LED Spot LightAR111 10W LED spot light is similar to the halogen AR111 in appearance. It applies one piece 8.9W Mini Zenigata power LED which comes with the life span no less than 40, 000hours. And the maximum lighting efficiency reaches 60lm per watt for white color. In addition, it adopts ...